An aspiring waterman’s journal. This blog journal will encompass my outdoor ocean experiences for the month of June 2020. I’m a commercial fisherman, spear fisherman, and surfer. These are my stories. Enjoy.

June 17th 2020 Sunrise.

June 17th-19th

These last few days have been hard. Captain savage made the executive decision of switching over to pogie seining this upcoming Monday June 22nd. A week earlier than schedule due to the massive amounts of pogies seen in the area as of late.

Unfortunately this means a lot of extra work during these last two weeks of summer classes. I’ve put in three 12-14 hour days in preparation for this switch. I am beat.

On top of that we’ve still been doing our normal hauling routine. Lobsters are starting to die out as the crawl is coming to a close. Yet we had some pretty interesting things come up in the net, and plan to haul through the weekend. By Sunday all our gear will be out of the shoals.

A short but sweet gill net season, issue 010 will include the closing days, and the first few of pogie season.

Film from the shoals, June 18th 2020.
June 18th 2020 shoals, Star island.
June 19th Sunrise, 2020.


June 17th ~

  • 100 lobsters
  • 16 Dab flounders
  • 13 yellowtail flounders
  • 20 grey soul flounders
  • 30 Whiting
  • 20 monkfish

June 18th ~

  • 70 lobsters
  • 30 Dab flounders
  • 2 Black back flounders
  • 20 grey soul flounders
  • 32 halibut
  • 20 Whiting
  • 14 monkfish

June 19th ~

  • 67 lobsters
  • 26 Dab flounders
  • 1 porbeagle shark !
  • 20 grey soul flounders
  • 3 Whiting
  • 13 monkfish
Porbeagle, June 19th 2020, Never caught one of these in a net just rod and reel. One of the few species of shark with a sustainable fishery due to their high abundance.
chompers. With a piece of the net he took.

Thanks for reading ! Check back next week for issue 010.

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