An aspiring waterman’s journal. This blog journal will encompass my outdoor ocean experiences for the month of June 2020. I’m a commercial fisherman, spear fisherman, and surfer. These are my stories. Enjoy.

Sunrise June 16th, 2020.

June 15th-16th

The 15th we called it. No sense in going out offshore to be thrown around like the day prior. The reports were reading 3.3 ft at 8 seconds with 30 knot winds it was an exact repeat of the 14th. Too messy not worth dying over.

The 15th looked like it was going to be a complete day off which would’ve been sweet to get caught up on my summer courses. But nay, Captain Sav wanted to get an early start on situation the seine net.

For those who don’ know In the months July-September I run deck boss for a seining operation under Savage. We target inshore schools of Atlantic menhaden (pogey’s) and sell them as bait to lobsterman. It’s the bread making season of the summer and in two short weeks it’ll be running.

So what was supposed to be a short day of organizing the seine net resulted into a 9am to 5pm day due to mice that decided to infiltrate the net. Sewings, restringing, and mending techniques were required to fix the net. Pain in the NUTS.

But thankfully I was able to get in a surf in the morning at sawyers beach, one of my favorite spots. The 16th was to bring another day of hauling. Thankfully it

6am June 15th, 2020. Road to Sawyer’s.


June 16th ~

  • 100 lobsters
  • 26 Dab flounders
  • 3 yellowtail flounders
  • 20 grey soul flounders
  • 3 Whiting
  • 13 monkfish

The rest of the week is bringing calm weather, and mellow surf. Should have some pretty interesting stuff up for issue 09!

Video of a Seine net full of Pogey’s, July 2019.
Full tank on June 16th, 2020.

Thanks for reading !

Links of concern: Wonderful educational information about what’s wrong with the proposed pebble mine in Bristol bay and how it affects the fishing industry.

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