An aspiring waterman’s journal. This blog journal will encompass my outdoor ocean experiences for the month of June 2020. I’m a commercial fisherman, spear fisherman, and surfer. These are my stories. Enjoy.

June 12th-14th

From issue 06 I left off on a lay on the 11th. With a day off the nets were sitting on two nights sets for three strings and a three night set for one. I was interested to see what the hauling was going to be like.

I was hoping for a quick finish on the 12th because the surf had laid over and all the local beaches were going off, so I was hoping for a full net. Sure enough the crawl was on, we got our quota after only two strings.

The lay day was super helpful the net rotation is more manageable, and the catch ratio was superb. Two days cleaning two strings a day and catching 250lbs.+ of lobster.

Today brought extreme winds and crazy swells, we hauled one string I was lucky to get out of there safe. Setting can be super dangerous in those conditions, and I was constantly fighting those conditions during the entire set. Five minutes I was getting pinched to the anchor and end line gear due to a heavy cross wind pushing the net into me.

Glad we called it quits early, It just got worse. Hoping for a sunset surf tonight as the wind dies down. Buoys are reading 3.5 @ 8 seconds. Should be decent on an incoming tide.

Steaming out on the 13th.
Crazy sun rise this morning. June 14th 2020.


June 12th ~

  • 96 lobsters
  • 50 Dab flounders
  • 25 yellowtail flounders
  • 17 grey soul flounders
  • 8 monkfish

June 13th ~

  • 100 lobsters
  • 22 Dab flounders
  • 12 yellowtail flounders
  • 31 grey soul flounders
  • 3 black back
  • 16 monkfish

June 14th ~

  • 52 lobsters
  • 10 Dab flounders
  • 2 yellowtail flounders
  • 1 grey soul flounders
  • 2 monkfish
  • 19 whiting.
A semi-blue lobster, June 12th 2020.

Thanks for Reading, check back later this week for issue 08.

Links of Concern:

This is a movie from Log Rap, one of my favorite surfing groups. All super talented rippers with great song selection.

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