Chiasson’s Journal 05

Chiasson’s Journal 05

An aspiring waterman’s journal. This blog journal will encompass my outdoor ocean experiences for the month of June 2020. I’m a commercial fisherman, spear fisherman, and surfer. These are my stories. Enjoy.

Sunrise Thursday morning. 6/4/2020.

The Crawl Begins. 6/4-6/7

Thursday 6/4 was another slow day. We hauled through four strings of gear and the exhaustion was real. Usually at this time of year we’d reach the quota by finishing half that. It really is a lot of gear to push through every day, and I constantly feel sore.

The weather was extremely nice on 6/4 with swell height of 1.0ft @9seconds. The day was full of a lot huge lobsters, and a bunch of keepers. We ending with 85 lobsters finally getting those numbers back up to the 100 a day quota.

I also caught a Lump fish. An interesting fish of the toadfish family, it uses its ventral side as a suction cup which allows it to sit at the bottom.

Lump fish 6/4/2020.

Friday 6/5 went fairly easily. We caught a bunch and got stopped early due to high winds at swells of 2.8ft @ 9seconds. The water was really calm and flat coming out with lighting and thunder strikes all around us. The wind didn’t pick up until our third string, and we left right after.

Saturday 6/6 we continued the trend of hauling three and leaving because of high wind. Lucky we did too because on the way in it was extremely nasty out. Stuff on the boat was flying everywhere, scary, yet exhilarating.

Sunday 6/7 we finished up three strings and got a ton of keepers. It was just me and Jon today, but we still worked fast to finish up 2pm. I worked a total of 64 hours this week !

Sunrise 6/6/2020


June 4th ~

  • 85 lobsters
  • 30 Dab flounders
  • 7 yellowtail flounders
  • 12 grey soul flounders
  • 8 monkfish
  • 2 whiting (bait fish)
  • 1 Black back flounder
  • Rare: Lump fish.

June 5th ~

  • 75 lobsters
  • 8 Dab flounders
  • 4 yellowtail flounders
  • 12 grey soul flounders
  • 10 monkfish
  • 2 whiting
  • Cool/Rare: Long horn Sculpin & a leopard skate.

June 6th ~

  • 71 lobsters
  • 20 Dab flounders
  • 8 grey soul flounders
  • 15 monkfish
  • Slammer haddock.
  • Cool/Rare: Spiny dogfish

June 7th ~

  • 91 lobsters
  • 24 Dab flounders
  • 12 monkfish
  • 1 whiting, 1 mackerel
  • Cool/Rare: thorny skate & a spiny dogfish.

Links of Concern: Today I am sharing one of my favorite surfers, dubbed the most stylish cut back in surfing, Tom Curren from 1970-1980s in his professional surfing career.

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